AirGlyde Application Table

The AirGlyde Application Table provides a clean workspace for the semi-automated application of Flexible Spacer for the manufacture of Insulating Glass Units.

Processing Capabilities
Equipment Type: IG Unit Application Table
Maximum Glass Size: 48” to 120” square (Rectangular options available)
Automation Level: Semi

Key Advantages
Reduces Application Time: Faster than manual application
Improves Precision: Minimizing operator application variance
Stand Alone or Drop In Replacement: Can be used in full assembly line
Non-Marking Vacuum Cup
Easy to Operate

Outstanding Features
Industrial Grade Formica Surface
Replaceable Cup Slot Wear Ring
Air Float Table
Adjustable Table Height
Single Phase Electric Supply

Supporting Equipment
AirGlyde Assembly Table
Power Saver Heat Press
Caster Tables
Super EV
Power Saver Heat Press

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