EH Series

The EH Series is an entry level glass cleaning solution designed for lowto mid-volume glass fabricators wishing to automate glass cleaning at a low capital investment.

Processing Capabilities

  • Conveyor Width(s): 60”, 84”
  • Minimum Glass Size: 9.5”, 12” square processed diagonally
  • Glass Thickness: 1.5–19mm
  • Standard Operating Speed: 10 FPM
  • Volume: Low to Mid

Key Advantages

  • Automated Glass Cleaning
  • Integrates Seamlessly: Capable of stand-alone or full integration with a new or existing production line
  • Operator Friendly: Unique maintenance features for trouble-free operation
  • Low E Compatible
  • Interface Capability: Compatible with downstream equipment control systems

Outstanding Features

  • PLC and Touch Screen Control System
  • Flip Top Design
  • High Pressure Drying Zone
  • Compact Footprint

Supporting Equipment

  • Reverse Osmosis Water Generating System
  • Overhead Drain Pumping System

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