EH Series

The EH Series is an entry level glass cleaning solution designed for lowto mid-volume glass fabricators wishing to automate glass cleaning at a low capital investment.

Processing Capabilities
Conveyor Width(s): 60”, 84”
Minimum Glass Size: 9.5”, 12” square processed diagonally
Glass Thickness: 1.5–19mm
Standard Operating Speed: 10 FPM
Volume: Low to Mid

Key Advantages
Automated Glass Cleaning
Integrates Seamlessly: Capable of stand-alone or full integration with a new or existing production line
Operator Friendly: Unique maintenance features for trouble-free operation
Low E Compatible
Interface Capability: Compatible with downstream equipment control systems

Outstanding Features
PLC and Touch Screen Control System
Flip Top Design
High Pressure Drying Zone
Compact Footprint

Supporting Equipment
Reverse Osmosis Water Generating System
Overhead Drain Pumping System

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