Power Saver Heat Press

The Power Saver Heat Press is designed to rapidly and precisely heat and press any IG Unit sealing system that requires heat and/or compression for sealing.

Processing Capabilities
Equipment Type: IG Unit Press
Conveyor Width(s): 60”, 84”, 96”
Minimum Glass Size: 9”–12” square
Automation Level: Full

Key Advantages
Patented Heating Technology: Efficiently minimizes power requirements
Maintenance Friendly Design: Minimizes routine maintenance time
Industrial Duty: Built to work and built to last
Precision Press Control: Consistent and reliable control over IG Unit production
Improved Substrate Bonding: Lengthens life expectancy of IG Unit

Outstanding Features
Intelligent Ventilation System: Reduces operating costs and extends component life
High Temperature Roll Bearings
Specially Designed Stainless Steel Rollers
Easy to Operate and Maintain

Advantages of Billco’s Patented Heating Technology
Less negative glass deflection when the units are sealed immediately after compression
Drastically reduced “cool down” time prior to achieving optimum gas fill levels
More precise dimensional control of IG Unit
Ensures proper sealant “wet-out” and bonding to glass surfaces

Supporting Equipment
AirGlyde Application Table
AirGlyde Assembly Table
Transfer Tables
Caster Tables

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