Remnant Storage System

Billco’s Remnant Storage system is an automated offal storage and retrieval system that integrates with the Tilt Loader and Cutting System to optimize yield and reduce waste. The system will identify remnant, score it, break it and transfer it to an empty slot for efficient storage until it is need for future processing.

Processing Capabilities

  • Maximum Glass Size: 108” x 144,” 130” x 204”
  • Glass Thickness Range: 2.2mm–19mm
  • Level of Automation: Fully
  • Slots: 9

Key Advantages

  • Integrated System: Conveniently nests under the Tilt Loader minimizing floor space requirements
  • Increases Glass Yield: Reduces amount of stock glass lites used per optimized run
  • Fully Automated: Easily interfaces with Cutting Line Control System and Optimization Software

Processing Sequence

  1. When a cutting layout is created that includes a remnant piece, the remnant will be designated to the trailing edge of the glass.
  2. A separating score will be made by the cutting table so the remnant can be separated from the remaining stock sheet.
  3. The scored stock sheet will be reversed on the conveyor and the score will be automatically separated.
  4. The remnant shelves will then raise until an empty shelf is aligned with the cutting system and the remnant will be transferred to the empty shelf.
  5. The remainder of the sheet will be conveyed back to the cutting system for further processing.
  6. The shelves will lower and the Tilt Loader will resume operation.

Supporting Equipment

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