TCB 1150

The TCB 1150 glass cutting system offers low- to mid-volume fabricators the flexibility to load glass, cut glass and breakout glass at an all-in-one platform.

Processing Capabilities
Maximum Glass Size: 72” x 96”
Glass Thickness Range: 2.2–19mm
Bridge and Head Drive: Rack and Pinion
Volume: Low to Mid

Key Advantages
Free Fall Loading: Free fall glass up to 6mm thick directly onto the cutting table
Tilt Loading: Tilting table feature allows for loading glass up to 19mm thick
Compact All-In-One Design: Minimizes floor space requirements
Affordable: Practical price point for an industrial duty automated cutting system
Integrated Breaker Bars: Built into the cutting table

Outstanding Features
Advanced Cutting Wheel Guidance System
Pressurized Cutting Oil System
True CNC Control System
Servo Controlled Cutting Head
BatchBan Optimizer Included

Supporting Equipment
Air Float Load Tables
Air Float Breakout Tables

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