TCB 1150

The TCB 1150 glass cutting system offers low- to mid-volume fabricators the flexibility to load glass, cut glass and breakout glass at an all-in-one platform.

Processing Capabilities

  • Maximum Glass Size: 72” x 96”
  • Glass Thickness Range: 2.2–19mm
  • Bridge and Head Drive: Rack and Pinion
  • Volume: Low to Mid

Key Advantages

  • Free Fall Loading: Free fall glass up to 6mm thick directly onto the cutting table
  • Tilt Loading: Tilting table feature allows for loading glass up to 19mm thick
  • Compact All-In-One Design: Minimizes floor space requirements
  • Affordable: Practical price point for an industrial duty automated cutting system
  • Integrated Breaker Bars: Built into the cutting table

Outstanding Features

  • Advanced Cutting Wheel Guidance System
  • Pressurized Cutting Oil System
  • True CNC Control System
  • Servo Controlled Cutting Head
  • BatchBan Optimizer Included

Supporting Equipment

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