Vertical Series

Billco’s Vertical Series is a high speed, vertical glass cleaning system for high volume flat glass processors.

Processing Capabilities
Conveyor Width(s): 48”, 60”, 84”
Minimum Glass Size: 6” x 11.5”
Glass Thickness: 2.2–25mm
Standard Operating Speed: Up to 100 FPM
Volume: High

Key Advantages
Reduced Footprint: Vertical configuration maximizes floor space
Stand-Alone or Inline Configuration: Capable of operating independently or integrating into a new or existing line
Stainless Steel Construction: Including frame and all major components for enhanced corrosion resistance
High Speed Processing: Built to withstand the demands of high volume processors

Outstanding Features
Integrated Pre-Spray
Low Maintenance Design
Pedestal Mounted HMI
Pull Out Tanks

Supporting Equipment
BioClean Water Care System
Detergent Dosing System
Overhead Drain Dumping System
Reverse Osmosis Water Generating System

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