Specialty glass is a broad field that encompasses customers who produceĀ  furniture, appliance glass, touchscreens, microscope slides, optics, military components, stained and decorative glass, office products, taxidermy, slot machines, electronics, and more. Our expansive customer base, expert engineers, and manufacturing flexibility has afforded us many unique machine design opportunities.

In 2017, Billco worked with a laquer disc producer in music industry to replace their 40 year old Billco washer. The company creates metal discs, or records, that are used as a master for generating all subsequent copies of a recording.


Handling Tables

TCB 1150

Strip Cutter


Ultra Series Architectural

CNC 2200

CNC 1100

Remnant Storage System

Space Saver Storage System

Crane Loading System

Automatic Free Fall System

Automatic Unstacker

310 Series

Super EV

Vertical Series

Versa Clean

EH Series

Legacy Series

100 Series