Edge Deletion

For edge deleting coated glass at the glass cutting station. This system provides rapid, accurate removal of glass coatings in preparation for downstream IG unit manufacturing.


Auto Wheel Wear Compensation – extends wheel life
Two-Stage Debris Removal – minimizes micro scratches on glass and extends bearing life
Clipping Control – eliminates deletion path overlap
Simplified Control System – provides easy operation and troubleshooting
Glass Thickness Detection – ensures precise and accurate deletion path
Increased Productivity – by edge deleting directly before scoring


Cutting System Maximum Glass Size Glass Thickness Range Cutting/Positioning Speed Bridge Configuration
CNC 2200 72" x 96" 3.18mm - 19.05mm  Up to 6000 IPM*
108" x 144" 3.18mm - 19.05mm 1 Bridge / 2 Heads
Ultra Series 130" x 204" 3.18mm - 19.05 Up to 7000 IPM*
*Inches per minute

CNC 2200 with Edge Deletion - Patent No. 6,202,524