Model FSB

Provides and organized and space-saving method for storing packs of many different types of glass on vertical racks. The automated system retrieves single lites of glass from the racks and loads the cutting system with ease.

Key features:

Customizable Layout Design – tailored rack layouts and crane design available
Flexible Layout – layout changes are easily accommodated without complex re-programming
Compliant Control System – integrates easily with any manufacturers cutting system
Operator-Friendly Diagnostics – when used with Billco’s Butler cutting software system
Dump Routine – permits broken glass in packs to be retrieved and dumped at a safe location
Stand-Alone Control System – provides flexible operation, independent from the cutting line


Maximum Glass Size Glass Thickness Range Bridge Span Capacity
108" x 144" 3.18mm - 19.05mm 50' standard 1 Ton (2000 lbs.)
130" x 204" 3.18mm - 19.05mm Up to 70' optional 1 Ton (2000 lbs.)


  • Bridge Crane and Trolley

  • Vacuum Glass Grab


  • Bridge Style - Single Leg Gantry or Overhead

  • Rotating Glass Grab

  • Automated Rotation


  • Fixed Glass Racks

  • Double-Sided Glass Racks

  • SpaceSaver Storage System

  • Tilt Load Conveyor