Power Saver Heat/Press

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Designed to rapidly and evenly heat the sealing material of all types of spacers, to the required temperature for proper sealant-to-glass adhesion. The insulating glass unit is sealed and precisely compressed to the required overall thickness.


Energy-Saving Design – operates on less maintenance and power requirements than conventional systems

Automatic Oven Louver System – maintains consistent heat control and significantly reduces maintenance costs

Precision Calculated Heat Control – maintains the optimum amount of heat required to output a quality unit
Benefits of Precision Calculated Heat Control:
Improved Substrate Bonding – lengthens life expectancy of IG unit
Better Surface Bond – improves gas retention
Fewer Seal Failures – due to more sealant being retained between the glass and spacer
Cooler Processing Temperatures – reduce unnecessary stress on the seal
Eliminates Built-In Stress – resulting from negative pressures in “hot” sealed units


Series Conveyor Widths Minimum Glass Size Maximum I.G. Unit Thickness Operating Speed Heat Sections Total Emitters
Level I 60" 8 - 12 ft./min. 1 Section 4 Emitters
Level II 60" 14 - 16 ft./min. 1 Section 4 Emitters
Level III 60" 18 - 20 ft./min. 1 Section 6 Emitters
Level IV 60" 9" x 9" 1 1/2" 6 - 23 ft./min. 2 Sections 12 Emitters
84" 12" x 12"
Level V 84" 12" x 12" 1 1/2" 6 - 27 ft./min. 2 Sections 12 Standard / 20 Optional


Spacer Types: Level I Level II Level III Level IV Level V
Extruded hot melt butyls in single seal applications x x
Pre-extruded butyl profiles (DuraSeal / Swiggle) x x x
Primary seal of dual seal application (Intercept) x x
Desiccated foam profiles (SuperSpacer) x* x*
I.G. Units per Shift 250 500+ 1000+ 1000+ 1000+
* No Heat Required

Optional Features:

  • Load and Offload Conveyor Deck Extensions
  • Temperature Monitoring System LED to display temperature of mastic materials as I.G. unit exits the Press Roll section
  • Motorized System with LED readout display for adjusting Press Rolls
  • Automatic Louver Ventilation System*
*Standard on some models

Patent No. 5,196,676