AI tech new service by billco

Introducing AI Tech – Remote Connectivity for Service

Are you interested in getting connected to a Billco service tech without a person coming to your facility?

AI Tech is a portable remote device that can be shipped to any facility within the contiguous United States. Designed to work as an extension of our service technicians, the AI tech gets shipped to your facility to easily connect your equipment to our team at Billco. 

Let our AI tech help you with:

  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Troubleshooting Assistance
  • Sequence and Firmware Updates
  • Other Remotely Accessible Services.

This device provides the capability of connecting to PLC control platforms provided with our equipment. Remote connection to this device is by use of a 4G cellular network or cabled WAN connection* at the receiving facility.


* WAN connection to the AI device is configured as DHCP by default, and is available for locations where 4G access is known to be an issue within an area or facility, and when an Ethernet cable is available for connection to the internet.  If a static IP and Gateway IP address are required for Ethernet connection to a plant network, this should be provided to Billco before the AI Tech is shipped to the receiving facility.          


Use of the AI Tech is provided by Billco engineering and service, with connectivity during normal business hours of 8 AM to 4:30 PM EST, unless a predefined time for connection is discussed with Billco engineering or service, prior to shipment of the AI Tech. 


Testimonial from Customer

“We had an issue with a spectrum card on our PLC rack on our 96” Billco washer. We weren’t able to get a new one due to current situations with the supply chain. We were looking at an extended downtime situation. We had the card repaired and with the AI tech and Billco service we were able to get our machine up and running within an hour of hooking the unit up. This solution saves us countless days of downtime. The setup was quick, easy and with one phone call, they were online and troubleshooting our PLC. It is truly a great tool, especially when you’re in a hard spot.”

-Jeff, Maintenance Manager from a leading Glass Fabricating Company