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What to expect from Billco at GlassBuild 2023

What’s new at Billco?

Over the past year, our team of engineers and solution experts have made significant modifications to our equipment line. We’re introducing a revolutionary, industry-first belt glass cutter, and our crane loading system has undergone a complete redesign, resulting in improved speed and precision. Additionally, other Billco executives have been busy working on a new business venture called Billco Teams.

Wide Belt Series Architectural Glass Cutter
New Wide Belt Series Glass Cutter


Introducing the Wide Belt Series Glass Cutter

The Wide Belt Series is a pioneering development within the industry, being the first of its kind. The single wide belt design is self-cleaning, non-stretchable, and significantly accelerates cycle times. These attributes translate to cost savings and reduced operating time, making it an invaluable asset to any plant. Billco’s new laser adjustment scanner is a simple upgrade on the cutter and is a highly precise tool, able to automatically locate the glass corner and optimize the cut pattern, rendering the squaring stop unnecessary.



The Redesigned Crane Glass Loading System

The newly redesigned crane glass loading system by Billco manufacturing
New Crane Loading System

Billco’s Crane Loading System is a comprehensive solution for the storage, organization, and loading of glass onto the cutting table. The system boasts updated rack and pinion drive systems on both the grab and the trolley, enabling faster travel, greater tilting capabilities, and more precise positioning. In addition to fixed racks, the system offers the option of automated compact drawer storage. This fully automated system retrieves and loads single sheets of glass without requiring operator intervention. The system is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for the loading of multiple cutting tables from one system. Glass storage may be in an adjacent bay.



Billco Teams

Vertical IG Line

Billco is committed to continually enhancing our customer service. That’s why we developed the Billco Teams venture, our new distribution and service company. Our executives have meticulously scouted overseas partners to broaden our equipment offerings. It’s essential to note that all of the new equipment falls under the purview of your reliable Billco Technicians, eliminating the need for overseas service calls. If you’re interested in exploring our new Billco Teams line of equipment, please consult a Billco Solution Specialist to determine if it suits your needs.

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