Automatic Free Fall System

The Automatic Free Fall System retrieves glass from packs and free falls it to the air float table below. The glass is then squared and conveyed to the glass cutting table for processing.

Processing Capabilities

Maximum Glass Size:
  • 72" x 96"
  • 108" x 144"

Glass Thickness Range: 2.2–6mm

Standard Maximum Pack Thickness: 12"

Key Advantages

Fully Automated: Easily interfaces with Cutting Line Control Systems and Optimization Software

Integrates Seamlessly with Billco or Third Party Cutting Equipment

Industrial Duty: Durable components for long lasting trouble-free operation

Smooth Retrieval and Handling

Outstanding Features

  • Laser Transducer: Measures distance for smooth and accurate position and retrieval
  • Stationary and Traversing Models Available
  • Automatic Squaring and Conveying of Glass to the Cutting Table
  • Non-Marking Vacuum Cups: Minimize markings to the glass surface

Common Optional Features

Traversing System: Allows for single- or multi-bay loading

Supporting Equipment