BioClean Water Care System

The BioClean Water Care System simplifies the process for properly maintaining a glass washer. The self-sanitizing technology reduces process-damaging bacteria and organic growth without the use of harsh disinfectants.

What Does the BioClean Water Care System Do?

The System revolutionizes to maintenance process for your washer. The water in each tank is circulated through an ion generation process. Positively charged copper and silver ions are introduced into the water to react with and neutralize bacteria and organic growth. The process eliminates the need to handle and store harsh disinfectants such a chlorine, bromine, hydrogen peroxide, ozone and other commonly used chemical processes. The water is then re-circulated throughout the machine, aiding the bacteria removal process on all surfaces and components that the water may contact.

Key Advantages

Removes Process- Damaging Bacteria- potentially harmful bacteria and organic growth in the water and on surfaces are neutralized and filtered

Reduces Labor and Time- the automated system reduces the amount of effort and time needed to efficiently sanitize the washer

Self-Sanitizing Technology- multiple stages of processing are implemented to provide thorough sanitizing of the water and internal wet zone surfaces

Environmentally-Friendly Processing- bacteria and organic growth are neutralized naturally by positively charged copper and silver irons rather than harsh disinfectants

Support 24 | 7 Operation Schedules- the system can be integrated to work seamlessly with a regular operation schedule, minimizing downtime

Integrates with New or Existing Systems

Automated or Manual System Available