Cold Roll Glass Press

The Cold Press is designed to rapidly and uniformly compress the primary sealing system of an insulating glass unit, to assure proper "wet-out" and bonding of the sealant to glass and spacer.

Processing Capabilities

Maximum Glass Size:
  • 84"
  • 96"

Minimum Glass Size: 5.5"–12" square

Max IG Unit Thickness: 2"

Operating Speed: 6–20 FPM

Automation Level: Full

Equipment Type: IG Unit Press

Key Advantages

Rugged Construction: Built from heavy duty components for long lasting operation

Maintenance Friendly Drive System: Reduces labor costs and downtime

Stand Alone of Inline Configurations

Uniform Precision: Roller system progressively presses the IG Unit to complete the bonding process

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Outstanding Features

  • Feather Touch Gearbox: Smooth, effortless adjustment of IG Unit thickness
  • Quick-Detach Guarding: Permits easy access for maintenance
  • Direct Drive Rollers: Reduce maintenance issues
  • Capable: of Processing Triple Pane Units

Common Optional Features

Conveyor Deck Extensions

1-Roll, 3-Roll, 5-Roll, or 7-Roll Options

Motorized Press Roll Adjustment