Crane Glass Loading System

Billco's Crane Loading System is a complete solution for storing, organizing and loading glass to the cutting table. The system may include fixed racks and/or automated compact drawer storage. This fully automated system retrieves and loads single sheets of glass without operator intervention. Designed with versatility in mind, multiple cutting tables may be loaded from one system and glass storage may be in an adjacent bay.

Processing Capabilities

Maximum Glass Size:
  • 108" x 144"
  • 130" x 204"

Glass Thickness Range: 2.2mm–19mm

Level of Automation: Fully

Standard Maximum Pack Thickness: 30"

Standard Crane Span: Up to 50 ft. (Wider Spans Available)

Volume: High

Key Advantages

Customizable Layout: Tailored for individual plant requirements and simple layout changes

Rotating Vacuum Glass Grab: Provides processing flexibility and efficiency

Integrates Seamlessly with Billco or Third Party Cutting Equipment

Stand-Alone Control System: Provides flexibility to operate crane independently from cutting line

High Speed Precision: Advanced laser control system and heavy-duty drive components permit maneuvering at high speeds

Fully Automated: Easily interfaces with the Cutting Line Control System and Optimization Software

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Outstanding Features

Welded Steel Plate Construction

Laser Transducer: Provides accurate real-time positioning feedback

"Dump Routine:" Protects operators by retrieving and dumping broken glass at a safe location

Multi-Bay Loading

Pack Thickness Sensors: Pre-calculated glass volume prior to retrieval to reduce cycle time

Non-Marking Vacuum Cups: Protect the glass surface and soft coatings

Wireless Pendant: Keeps operator at a safe distance from moving glass when manual operation is needed

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Common Optional Features

  • Increased Crane Span
  • Decoupled Tilt Arms (Adaptive Loading)