Strip Cutter

The powered Strip Cutter is a great economical option for cutting straight lines only. The dual axis cutting can be configured to cut both the X and Y axis. The Strip Cutter is designed to produce large volumes of same size glass.

Processing Capabilities

Maximum Glass Size:
  • 48" to 108"

Glass Thickness Range: 1–6mm

Bridge and Head Drive: Pneumatic Cutting Head

Volume: Low to High

Technical Specifications

Table Height: 36"

Cut Path Tolerance: ± 0.030

Electrical Requirement: 1/4 HP motor, 120VAC single phase motor

Key Advantages

Affordable: Ideal price point for glass companies producing large volumes of same size glass

Dual Axis Cutting: Can be configured to cut both the X and Y axis

Multiple Cutting Heads: Additional heads can be added to the bridge

Common Optional Features

  • Additional Cutting Heads
  • Caster Wheels
  • Additional Guide Rail