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Billco Teams is an innovative undertaking brought forth by the esteemed Billco Manufacturing Company. Through our trusted partnerships, we aim to provide better assistance to the glass community by offering new equipment and more economical solutions that are still supported by the Billco Service Experts. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and continuous improvement drives us to expand our capabilities and bring new solutions to market. We are confident that our service experts and extensive industry experience will enable us to serve our customers better.

Billco Teams' Glass Systems

Vertical Insulated Glass Production Line

The Vertical IG line, a product manufactured by Billco Teams’ Partners, is an automated piece of equipment designed to perform a range of high-precision and high-speed tasks including washing, drying, assembly, and pressing of insulating glass units. The equipment’s design allows for customization of its main components to align with your production requirements. Additionally, this new generation insulating glass line offers the possibility of increasing its functionality and modernizing its technologies during its operational lifetime. The equipment is built to an impeccable standard, ensuring that it delivers optimal performance at all times.

Vertical IG Line by Billco Teams

Supporting Equipment for Vertical IG

Customize your line with Billco Teams’ modular solutions.

Sealing Systems

  • Automatic Sealing Machine
  • Sealing Extruder
  • Butyl Extruder (7kg &14kg)
  • Hot melt Extruder
  • Silicone Cleaning Pump
  • Rotary Table (basic & advanced)

Spacer Systems

  • Automatic Spacer Bending Machine
  • Automatic Desiccant Filling Machine
  • Spacer Cutting Machine
  • Spacer Frame Carrying Unit

Processing Systems

  • Double Edger Line
  • Vertical Straight Line Edger
  • Vertical Twin Belt Seamer
  • CNC Horizontal Glass Processing Center
  • Glass Edging Machine
  • Horizontal Twin Belt Seaming Machine
  • Glass Drilling Machine
  • Glass Unstacker
Glass Sealing, Processing, and Spacer Systems by Billco Teams

Glass Cutting Systems

With our wide range of float glass cutting and laminated glass cutting systems and glass cutting machines, we can offer the perfect cutting solution to suit your needs. From high-volume glass cutting machines with maximum cutting precisions and a fully automated system with high cutting quality and servo motor-driven cutting bridges or electromagnetic linear motor-driven bridges – whatever you need, we’ve got the right glass cutting machine for you.

All-In-One Glass Cutting System

Laminated Glass Cutting System

Tilting Glass Cutting Table

Billco Teams Cutting Systems

Glass Tempering Furnaces

We offer a variety of solutions for flat glass and convectional glass tempering furnaces for soft-coated low-E glass. We are ready to supply and service you with our top conventional, or top and bottom convectional tempering furnaces for different sizes and models.

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