Billco Washer Speeds Up Concrete Slab Production

"Billco’s confidence and clarity in proposing a solution for us gave us peace of mind about our investment. "


Billco is largely known for our technology in cleaning and drying technology and commonly used for glass applications. While it may not be as widely known, our technology works well on other non-glass substrates such as concrete, metal and more.

Recently Billco built and installed a washer for a customer that produces concrete slabs. They were previously washing the slabs by hand and using an older Billco washer and only utilizing the drying zone to dry the unit. In order to automate and speed up their process they enlisted Billco’s help for an automated cleaning solution. They felt comfortable entrusting Billco to supply them with the best cleaning solution for their unique substrate based on Billco’s reputation and past experience working with Billco. They commented on Billco’s confidence and clarity that Billco exuded which gave them peace of mind about their investment.

After installing the new washer, the company saw an immediate 20% increase in their throughput when at full capacity. Basically the washer delivered when it mattered the most.

Installation and start up were seamless and any minor hiccups during the first few shifts were handled immediately. The company commented on how any service related issues or questions were handled immediately, giving testament to Billco’s quality Service and further verifying the value of their investment.

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