Billco was founded in 1948 in Zelienople, Pennsylvania on the core principles of offering premium American-made products, continuous hands-on innovation, and attentive, collaborative customer service for the glass industry.

Our Roots

Originally a family-run company, the Billinger family sold the business in 2008 to longtime Billco plant managers. Though not related by blood, our team remains a tight-knit group, genuinely dedicated to our customers’ bottom lines and futures. Billco’s modest company size is by design to maximize efficiency with only the most qualified, skilled technicians and close communication for quality, personalized customer support.

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Our Reach and Capabilities

Proud to be 100% American-made and actively servicing equipment for flat glass fabricators at home and abroad in nearly 50 countries, our specialties lie in glass washers, glass cutters, and equipment for loading and storing, handling, insulating, and laminating glass. Our customization capabilities, flexible solutions, client-focused R&D, and industry expertise allow us to serve both high- and low-volume companies.

Our Edge

Our glass processing equipment is built to run 24/7/365 and our expert support is available 24/7/365, so our customers have virtually no unplanned downtime. Unparalleled durability, energy-saving measures, space-saving strategies, and fabricating solutions that are easy to operate and maintain make us the backbone of many flat glass production lines, giving our customers confidence and stability that you can’t put a price tag on……

Beyond today’s needs, our customers also know they can count on us for staying ahead of the industry, with our forward-thinking innovative development like our new auto-dosing technology. In all that we do, we seek to help our customers’ realize their potential, and keep moving glass forward.

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