Invest In Reliable Equipment

Our goal at Billco is to design custom-built equipment for our customers. When working with Billco, we strive to manufacture a machine that meets all of your requirements. Our systems are built to last so you spend less time worrying about maintenance and more time increasing your profits. Some of our Billco machines are still running even after 30 years! Our Solution Specialists are based right our of our Zelienople, PA headquarters and are here to help you customize the machine you need to get the job done.

Featured Equipment

  • Ultra Series Cutting System- has an improved cutting head and a larger drive system; delivering a powerful combination of performance and reliability.
  • The Foundation Series- can easily anchor any tempering, laminating or insulating line; providing fabricators with dependable processing 24 | 7 | 365.
  • The Heat Press- is designed to rapidly heat and press any IG Unit spacer system with precision. The fully automatic press is built to work and built to last.