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11.6.19 – New Foundation Washer

Billco released a new affordable washer that blends the ruggedness and simplicity of our legacy washer along with a sleek new design and some advanced features. The Foundation Series can easily anchor any tempering, laminating or insulating line, providing fabricators with dependable processing 24/7/365 with consistently high quality results. The simple but heavy-duty washer is currently offered in a 96” conveyor width. The machine features a helical gear drive system, quick-change bearing blocks, integrated and directed self-cleaning trays as well as a preventative maintenance program to assist with ease of maintenance. Learn more here.

9.12.19 – Billco Partners with Seegrid

Billco Manufacturing has partnered with Seegrid, a cutting edge company that specializes in Vision Guided Technology, to bring an industry-first automated handling solution to the glass industry. Dr Hans Moravec developed the proprietary technology over decades at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon and founded Seegrid in 2003. The exclusive collaboration between the two companies will provide fabricators with a fully automated way to move handling equipment without operator intervention, keeping employees safe while saving big on labor costs. Learn more about Billco’s new Automated Harp Rack Handling here:

8.19.19 – Save Labor Costs

Billco’s new patent pending cutting table, the Ultra Series X, includes an integrated breaker bar for automated breakout. The system features a new robust cutting head that delivers smooth and precise acceleration and deceleration for a powerful combination of performance and reliability. The table features a servo driven belt drive system, integrated breaker bar and new cutting head oil delivery system. New options include Blue Film Removal, an improved Edge Deletion system and the ability to integrate with HP3 Software’s new patent pending Sub Plate Cutting software.

4.30.19 – New Cutter with Integrated Breaker Bar

Billco’s new patent pending cutting table, the Ultra Series X, includes an integrated breaker.  The new robust design and more powerful cutting head deliver smooth and precise acceleration and deceleration for a powerful combination of performance and reliability.  The table features a servo driven belt drive system, integrated breaker bar and new cutting head oil delivery system. New options include Blue Film Removal, an improved Edge Deletion system and the ability to integrate with HP3 Software’s new patent pending Sub Plate Cutting software.

4.16.19 – Bob Lang Retires After 50+ Years from Billco Manufacturing

Integrity. Passion. Respect. These are just a few of the many words his peers, co-workers and even competitors used to describe Bob Lang, a long time ambassador for the glass industry. After 50+ years with Billco Manufacturing and a never-ending commitment to our industry, Bob Lang is officially hanging up his boots to enjoy retirement.

We asked peers, co-workers, suppliers and competitors alike to comment about their experience with Bob Lang through the years. We were simply overwhelmed with an outpouring of well wishes, memories and a resounding flood of comments about Bob’s integrity, kindness of character and selfless commitment to the glass industry. He was noted as an idol employee, always promoting professionalism. A former competitor remembered Bob as “a fair and honest man and his reputation and character were above reproach.” He had an insatiable appetite for research and sharing and it was this attribute, which was mentioned the most. He hosts a wealth of knowledge and expertise that one can only obtain through experience and passion. Even in his 53rd year, Bob still forwards articles to educate and share with his co-workers and peers. He truly loves his job, this industry and educating others.

Bob spent his first 2 years at Billco working on the shop floor while he finished his Bachelors degree at the University of Pittsburgh at night. He was hired as a Sales Assistant to the VP of Sales for Billco in the spring of 1968, exactly 51 years ago.

One of Bob’s most cherished projects at Billco was working with Hugh Trautmann on the development of the world’s very first CNC/XYZ/Contour Glass cutting machine, the software to support it and his time spent introducing it at the glass shows in both the US and Germany. Bob also values his involvement with the development of Billco’s flat glass Laminating Assembly Line. To this day Bob is very passionate about laminating and promoting Billco as one of the best in the industry.

Bob fondly recalls one of his favorite projects was working directly with Ford to develop a custom washer, designed to specifically eradicate all their cleaning and washer maintenance issues. Winning the contract resulted in a blanket order for washers over the next few years for more than 100 washers. Bob also recalls his time spent with a new group, initially called the Glass Tempering Association, that later grew to become GANA/NGA. It was here that Bob made friendships that are still active today.

The outpouring of compliments to Bob Lang was followed closely by well wishes for a “well deserved” retirement with many noting Bob as a “dear friend.” Many wished him a retirement that allowed him to do what he truly loves. Bob plans to enjoy his time with his young grandchildren and his wife Cindy and continue his time volunteering a few times a week at the Mars, PA Historical Society. Bob maintains a close relationship with a few groups of friends from his younger years and also takes pride in working on an antique car and big diesel truck for fun. He will miss all the wonderful people he worked with and became friends with over the years. His is so appreciative of the trust, generosity and opportunity the Billinger family afforded him during his time at Billco. He lastly mentions that he is grateful to be blessed with good health to permit him to continue doing all the things he enjoys during his retirement.

The magnitude of compliments, admiration and legacy that Bob Lang leaves behind as he transitions into retirement will be cherished and his impact on our company and industry will be valued for years to come. Bob, we thank you for your commitment and passion to drive this company and industry forward.

4.9.19 – ECO Glass Furnishes New Facility with Billco Equipment and HP3 Software

ECO Glass Production, a sister company of ECO Windows Systems, of Medley, FL hasn’t slowed down since its inception. When ECO opened their brand new glass production facility in 2018, they entrusted Billco, and partner HP3 Software, to furnish their facility with the equipment and software needed to produce a wide variety of energy efficient products. Serving Florida and the Caribbean, ECO Windows specializes in Superior Double Glass Windows and Doors, Modern Stretch Ceilings and Foam Insulating Solutions. ECO currently utilizes 3 Billco Laminating Lines, 2 high-speed cutting tables with crane loading systems; and multiple glass washers in their expanding facility. HP3 Software dynamically optimizes for the cutting equipment, tempering lines and laminating lines. It has been a pleasure being a part of their journey and getting to work with the ECO team. A big “thank you” to Frank and his staff for trusting Billco and HP3 Software. We wish them continued success.

1.9.19 – Billco’s Remnant Storage Solution Awarded USG Readers’ Choice

Thank you to everyone that has supported Billco and invested interest and support for our newest product. We are honored to be awarded the 2018 Readers’ Choice Award for our new Remnant Storage Solution in the Handling, Sorting and Storage Machinery category. This new robust system identifies, tracks and reclaims remnants to optimize cutting yield and minimize operator handling. The modular system can scale from a semi-automated system to a fully automated solution – it’s flexible to meet your automation and production needs. This was an exceptional honor to hear we in won back-to-back years. Last year Billco’s Z-Series Washer was awarded the Reader’s Choice Award from DWM.

12.20.18 – Bobby Hart Retires After 44 Years at Billco

If you own a Billco washer, it is likely that long time veteran Bobby Hart has built it. Bob Hart started at Billco the day after his 18th birthday which happens to be 44 years ago (and about 4 months if counting!) Bobby started as a general labor in the shop, running errands, sweeping floors or doing whatever it was that was needed. He added that he used to pick up Ethel Billinger, Billco’s founding principle. From memory, he recalls that he started at the wage of $3.12/hour. After about a year as a general labor, Bobby moved into Assembly and that is where he spent his entire career at Billco. In Billco’s 70 year lifespan, he has seen, built and witnessed many of the historical events this company was built on. It is his attention to quality that he will be remembered by. He’s trained many people at Billco and trained them well, according to many. Although he is looking forward to his retirement, he will miss his friends, noting that many of them are closer than family to him. He will be off the clock at Billco, but he doesn’t anticipate standing still for too long. He said he will likely find a part time position doing something else that he enjoys. Bobby Hart is a part of Billco as much as Billco is a part of him. We are honored that he chose to spend his career at Billco and wish him all the best in his retirement.

12.10.18 – Billco Celebrates 70 Years

During this holiday season, there is no better time to express our sincere gratitude to those of you that have supported us and trusted Billco as their equipment supplier of choice through the years. We would not be here today without you. As we reflect on our 70 years serving the glass industry, we are humbled to have had the opportunities we have been afforded. From the personal friendships we have gained, the projects we have been a part of and the pride we take in our equipment along with our customer’s success, we can only look forward to what the next 70 years will bring. We sincerely thank you.

9.13.18 – Billco Wins Best in Show in Las Vegas

Thank you to everyone that stopped by our booth in Las Vegas for the GlassBuild America show. It was truly great to catch up with old friends and have the opportunity to meet new ones. We were honored to be awarded the Best In Show in the Equipment category. Our brand new Remnant Storage system was on display alongside our Ultra Series cutting system.

7.17.18 – Billco Showcases Latest Advancements in Las Vegas

Billco will introduce a brand new Remnant Storage Solution in Las Vegas. The new system identifies, stores and reclaims remnant for maximum cutting yields. It minimizes any idle time by optimizing glass flow and reducing manual glass handling, keeping operators at a safe distance. The modular, expandable design offers features such as sub-plate cutting, dual axis automated remnant breakout and multi-slot storage. Driven by powerful optimization software, Billco’s Remnant Storage Solution will improve yields for a stronger bottom line. Billco will also introduce a new fully customizable laminating solution for fabricators big and small. The new system offers high and low volume, expandable options that can grow with your business. Billco’s laminating lines are easy to operate and maintain. Features such as Precision Recipe Line Control, IR Heating Technology and Convection ensure delivery of a high quality and consistent product.

7.12.18 – Billco Offers New Laminating Solutions for Fabricators Large or Small

For more than 45 years, Billco has been supplying high quality, American made Laminating Assembly Lines. To meet the ever changing demands of today’s fabricators, Billco now offers a fully customizable solution, giving laminators equipment designed specifically for their laminating process. For companies just entering the laminating sector, Billco’s experts can function as a central coordinator, organizing the quoting, customizing and ordering of all components including assembly lines, autoclaves, pvb equipment and more. Billco’s long history and reputation have afforded us the expertise and connections to help you build your operation for success. With high and low volume, expandable configurations available, Billco’s solutions give fabricators the flexibility and functionality to grow as business and demand grow, allowing them to capitalize on their investment. Billco’s Laminating Assembly Lines are easy to operate and maintain. Features such as Precision Recipe Line Control, IR Heating Technology and Convection ensure delivery of a high quality and consistent product.

7.11.18 – Billco Introduces Large Format 132″ Z-Series Washer

Billco’s award winning Z-Series washer just got larger. To meet the needs of fabricators utilizing large format Low E products hitting the market in tempering, IG and laminating, Billco’s Z-Series washer is now available in 132” width. The large format system maintains the integrity of the standard Z-Series with it’s low profile design, maintenance friendly features and  24/7/365 service and support while delivering reliable, high quality processing for large format glass fabricators. Learn more about the Z-Series here.

6.12.18 – A Tribute to Hugh Trautmann – A Pioneer in Glass Cutting Technology

Hugh Trautmann, a long time Billco engineer and a pioneer in the glass industry passed away peacefully on June 9, 2018 at the age of 84. Well known around the world as innovative and forward thinking, Hugh was one of the most influential contributors to the development of technology in the glass industry. His legacy and techniques have set the standards for much of the technology still in use today.

In 1972, Hugh was tasked with developing a single head glass cutting machine. No machine like this existed in the glass industry at the time. By 1974, he had successfully engineered and built the first ever Numerically Controlled (NC) glass cutting machine. This new technology became the standard for cutting automotive glass, eliminating the need for templates during cutting. The development of single head cutting generated the demand for cutting layout optimization and the emergence of software for the glass industry soon followed. Shortly thereafter, Hugh expanded upon his design to include shape cutting capabilities. As the industry developed, Hugh continued to advance his design, eventually integrating Computer Numerical Controls (CNC) in 1983. In the early 1990’s, Hugh began experimenting with magnetic (linear motor) drive systems. He was quick to realize the potential impact this technology could have on glass cutting operations. In 1994 he introduced and patented the revolutionary Ultra Series glass cutting table. Initially available only on small cutters for the automotive industry because of limitations on the technology, by 1999 Hugh had been able to develop and build an architectural cutter using a linear motor drive system. The Ultra Series eliminated the rack and pinion
system, giving fabricators the ability to achieve greater cutting speeds and higher accuracy.

Hugh’s unique way of thinking, combined with his profound vision has had a tremendous impact upon our industry. His creations are the foundation of our business and the cornerstone of machinery in facilities everywhere. His designs are still the highest standard for modern glass cutting table drive systems across the globe. Billco is proud to have had the privilege to work with Hugh. He was not only a brilliant engineer but also a kind, funny and dear friend to many. He will be missed dearly but his legacy will remain.

3.12.18 – Billco Introduces Brand New Remnant Storage Solution

Billco is pleased to introduce our brand new Remnant Storage System. The new system effectively identifies, stores and reclaims remnant for maximum cutting yields, eliminating the need for commonly neglected offal storage carts. The system is engineered to minimize idle time by optimizing glass flow as well as reducing manual glass handling, keeping operators at a safe distance. The modular design is expandable to meet growing production needs. The system offers unique features such as sub-plate cutting, dual axis automated breakout and multi-slot storage. Driven by powerful optimization software, Billco’s Remnant Storage Solution will improve yields and generate a stronger bottom line. View the system in action here.

1.10.18 – Z-Series Voted 2017 Readers’ Choice Award for Best Equipment

Billco’s Z-Series Washer was awarded the 2017 DWM Readers’ Choice award for Best Equipment. Designed for the high performance demands of the flat glass industry, the Z-Series was debuted at the 2016 GlassBuild America show in Las Vegas. The system has intelligent maintenance features, a compact footprint, and a superior level of automated process control, allowing the system to deliver consistent and high quality results. Learn more about the Z-Series and how it can benefit your operation here.

12.6.17 – Billco’s New Website Offers vast Resource Center

There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes at Billco and our ongoing transformation is beginning to show. Along with a new logo and new look, Billco just launched a powerful new website. We’ve simplified our navigation, making it easier to get the information you need. If you are looking for new equipment, Billco’s website offers an in depth view of our offering from product overview videos, image galleries and technical data sheets. We’ve streamlined the equipment research process by providing equipment previews to save you the time clicking through each product. Take a peak at our resource center, Glassistance, for some quick tips or in-depth reports to help you improve your overall operation. Put a name to a face on the Our Team page and get to know Billco by visiting Our Company page. As we continue to build our library of photos, videos and resources, you will be the first to know.