DI Filtration Exchange Program

An innovative, simple solution for regeneration of your DI Filtration System.

What is the DI Filtration Exchange Program?

If you are using Billco’s DI Filtration System with your glass washer, the filters need to be recharged in order to work properly. This process can be time consuming and costly. Billco’s DI Filtration Exchange Program simplifies this process by providing options to replace or exchange your filter bag easily.

Program Benefits

Reduced freight costs by replacing only what is needed – the filter bag.

Larger capacity bag means more time between replacements.

Small compact footprint.

Replacement Options:

1. Replacement Bag

(ID: 372-00198)

Minimize downtime by keeping at least one fully charged back up filter bag in stock. This is a brand new replacement bag.

2. Direct Exchange

(ID: 372-00199)

Once your DI filter is exhausted, remove it from the container, place it in a bag and ship it to our regeneration facility with a coupon enclosed. Your filter will be exchanged with a fully charged filter and sent back.

3. Regeneration Value Kit

(ID: 372-00202)

For the best savings, you will get 7 replacement bags, 7 regeneration coupons and a plastic drum for storage and transportation.

Tips for Handling Your DI Filter Bags & Housing:

Bags should not be removed from their packaging until they are ready to use.

Bags need to remain as moist as possible. When removing an exhausted bag from the filter housing:

  • Allow as much excess water to drain out without drying out the media.
  • Place exhausted bag into a black plastic bag or black plastic drum to prevent the formation of algae. Seal the bag well.

Clean the inside of the vessel with a bleach solution and drain. Rinse well to eliminate any residue from the cleaning solution.

Replace particulate filter bag and clean out the smaller vessel.

Insert new filter and media bag.

Make sure everything is properly sealed.

You can extend the life of your polishing media by “flipping” the bag when it’s exhausted.

Download the Program Flyer