Replacement Parts

Protect your investment and keep it performing at its best with OEM components and expert service advice. Whether you are performing routine maintenance or experiencing unplanned downtime, we are here to keep your line running 24 | 7 | 365.

Glass Washing Parts

Billco offers a variety of glass washer parts and consumables to maximize up time and minimize downtime. The list of parts below are just some of the parts we offer:

Glass Washing Detergent

A specially formulated, process-compatible cleaning solution that delivers ultra clean results.

  • Proven Formula— efficiently removes cutting fluid and packaging materials
  • Engineered Formulation—designed specifically for glass washers
  • Non-Foaming Solution—rinses easily from glass surface
  • Coated Glass Compatible—soft or hard

Available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers – Free samples are available.

Important Recommendations for Detergent Use

  • Always maintain the suggested solution temperature and pH for the type of glass and coatings being processed.
  • Recirculating tanks should be cleaned out thoroughly before adding a new solution mixture.
  • Use in heated tanks for maximum effectiveness.

Rolls & Brushes

Engineered and constructed specifically for glass washing to withstand the rigors of 24 | 7 operation.


  • Sizes— 60″ 72″ 84″ 96″ 108″ 132″
  • Durable Rubber Compounds— resist oil, heat, abrasions and chemical
  • Non-Marking Roll Covering— prevents unnecessary marks on glass
  • Fully Sealed Roll Core— prevents corrosion from inside out
  • Recovering Available


  • Sizes— 60″ 72″ 84″ 96″ 108″ 132″
  • Precision Balancing— ensures a smooth operation
  • Strategic Bristle Layout— provides optimum cleaning efficiency and extends the life of the brush
  • Stainless Steel Construction— protects shafts from corrosion
  • Coated Glass Compatible— soft or hard

Filter Bags

Billco can provide liquid filter bags that remove particles from the water to ensure the glass will be cleansed when it leaves the washer.

  • Removes Sediment keeping the glass clean 
  • Easy to Install— save time and remain safe
  • Variety of Filters— Billco can provide the filter you need
  • Guaranteed Compatibility— works with a variety of washers

Immersion Heaters

Billco offers a variety of industrial immersion heaters for glass washers. Our OEM heaters are simple to install and easy to use to keep your washer running. We offer the best rates and highest quality replacement parts.

  • Easy to Install— save time to minimize downtime
  • Energy Efficient— cost effective and eliminates waste
  • Simple and Safe to Use— eliminates risk of injury
  • 10 Different Models— a variety of models to fit your washer
  • Low Maintenance— decrease downtime with minimal maintenance
  • Long Lifespan—reliable over an extended period of time


Billco has the capability to offer any size bearing for your glass washer. To avoid shutdowns, it is essential to maintain your bearings. Billco can have them shipped to you with minor hassle since our parts are stored right here in our Pennsylvania facility.

  • Sizes— 1 3/16″, 1 9/16″, 3/4″
  • Dependable and Durable—able to withstand 24 |7 |36 operation 
  • High Quality— superior to our competition
  • Long Life Span— reliable over an extended period of time

Low-E Detection Brushes

Low-E Detection Brushes are located along the length of the surface detector strip to ensure the non-coated surface of the glass is loaded correctly. Additional brushes can be added at anytime and is encouraged to avoid product damage.

  • 72″ Conveyor Width= 6 Brushes
  • 84″ Conveyor Width= 7 Brushes
  • 96″ Conveyor Width= 8 Brushes

Brushes should be cleaned/replaced regularly to avoid product damage from brush contamination.

Glass Cutting Parts

We maintain complete records of every Billco machine. Billco can recommend and supply any glass cutter part or consumable you may need. Many of our parts are universal and can be used on our equipment or a third party’s machine:

Cutting Consumables

Billco’s Glass Cutting Consumables are essential for your Glass Cutting machine. Our Parts Specialists can help you determine the exact parts your need. Many of our parts are universal and can fit any Glass Cutter to help save you time and money.

  • Universal Parts are Available  for Any Glass Cutter
  • Ready-to-Ship from Our Facility in Pennsylvania
  • US-Based Customer Support
  • Dependable and Durable
  • Easy to Install

Glass Cutting Wheels and Wheel Holders

Billco has a wide selection of precision cutting wheels that provide a solution for every glass-cutting requirement.

  • Wheel Selection— 5/32″ and 7/32″
  • Uniquely Engineered
  • Multiple Surface Grinds Available

We recommend purchasing cutting wheel axles in a quantity of 100 and for cutting wheels a quantity of 50.

Glass Cutting Wheel Axles

Precision carbide axles are designed to ensure smooth, accurate rotation of the cutting wheel.

Glass Cutting Fluid

Specially formulated for cutting most types of architectural or decorative glass, to provide to optimum score for a flawless breakout.

  • Process Compatible Formula:
    • works with most cutting machine fluid dispensing systems
    • is easily removed by glass washing machine
    • does not contaminate the glass washing solution
  • Coated Glass Compatible— soft or hard
  • Provides Excellent Scoring and Breakout

Available in 7 gallon containers

Important Recommendations for Glass Cutting Fluid Use

  • Cutting fluid should never be diluted with water or any other solution.
  • Cutting fluid is best utilized where breakout occurs directly after the cutting process.
  • Washing the glass with heated detergent solution is always recommended after scoring/breakout and before further processing.

Glass Cutting Wheels

A wide selection of precision cutting wheels provide a solution for every glass-cutting requirement.

  • Tight Manufacturing Tolerances— enable a consistently perfect score
  • Uniquely Engineered— to provide maximum glass edge strength and resistance to fracture
  • Multiple Surface Grinds Available— for various scoring requirements

Wheel Selection Guide

  • 5/32″— small circles, shapes or any contours with tight corners or curves
  • 7/32″— straight line, larger patterns, provides best wheel life

Heavy Duty Felt

Billco’s heavy duty, long-lasting felt can be used on any cutting table, regardless of the manufacturer and can give you up to 7 years of continuous use without having to replace it.

  • Universal for Any Cutting Table— regardless the manufacturer
  • Durable and Long Lasting— up to 7 years of continuous use

Standard Felt

Our high quality standard felt cloth is designed to eliminate damage and scratching on your glass cutter and to allow the glass to maneuver freely. This wear-resistant cloth can be customized for any industrial glass cutter.




Universal for any Cutter