Billco Manufacturing Precision Cutting Services

Precision Cutting Services

Our in-house waterjet and laser cutters can accommodate most materials under 60 inches wide by 120 inches long.

Delivery is available within 50 miles of Billco. No minimums are required.

The material can be supplied through one of our vendors, or we can cut the material that you provide to us.

Precision Cutting Capabilities

Water Jet Cutting

Our in-house water jet is capable of cutting up to 48in by 120in.

The standard cutting thickness capacity is 2 inches.  If the substrate is thicker, please reach out to see if we can accommodate it.

The water jet is great for cutting a wide variety of substrates.  Typically, our water jet is used for different kinds of steel, titanium, or aluminum.  Our water jet can also cut through polymers, composites, ceramics, and more.

The largest benefit of using a waterjet to cut metal is that it can cut a precise clean edge completely through the material without requiring any pre- or post-processing.

Laser Cutting

Billco’s in-house Laser cutter is capable of processing substrates 5/8 inches thick and 60in wide by 120in long.

The Laser is best used for cutting through metals.

Our Laser has etching capabilities for alpha-numeric information and some designs.

Ask our Precision Cutting Specialist if you have any questions about your substrate or dimensions within our Precision Cutting Services.

Laser Jet Precision Cutting

Contact our new Precision Cutting Services through the form below or contact, 724-473-2277.

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