AirGlyde Application Table

The AirGlyde Application Table provides a clean workspace for the semi-automated application of Flexible Spacer for the manufacture of Insulating Glass Units.

Processing Capabilities

  • Equipment Type: IG Unit Application Table
  • Maximum Glass Size: 48” to 120” square (Rectangular options available)
  • Automation Level: Semi

Key Advantages

  • Reduces Application Time: Faster than manual application
  • Improves Precision: Minimizing operator application variance
  • Stand Alone or Drop In Replacement: Can be used in full assembly line
  • Non-Marking Vacuum Cup
  • Easy to Operate

Outstanding Features

  • Industrial Grade Formica Surface
  • Replaceable Cup Slot Wear Ring
  • Air Float Table
  • Adjustable Table Height
  • Single Phase Electric Supply

Supporting Equipment

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