Automated Insulating Line

Billco’s Automated Insulating Line is a high volume system that can produce high quality IG Units for half the cost of a vertical line. Billco’s Insulating line options are comparable in speed, precision, throughput and labor requirements to any high-speed vertical line in the industry. The flexibility of horizontal permits unlimited configurations based on your budget, space available and level of automation desired.

Key Advantages

Lower Capital Investment: Billco’s horizontal solution is half the cost of a typical vertical line
Modular for Growth: The layout is flexible and can be modified to accommodate growing production needs with minimal cost
Flexible Layout Options: The equipment can be configured for limited floor space and/or budget restraints
Consistent IG Unit Production: The line accurately aligns, assembles and presses units with consistent precision
Lower Maintenance Requirements: The horizontal system is less complex, requiring less skilled maintenance attention
Eliminates Operator Error During Assembly: The automated assembly eliminates the opportunity for operator error
Complete Lines to Stand-Alone Equipment Available
Capable of running Flexible, INTERCEPT and Metal Spacer systems

IG Equipment Available

Split Deck Conveyors
Caster Tables (Tilt and Stationary)
Assembly Stations (Manual and Automatic)
Application Tables
Heat and Cold Presses

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