BioClean Water Care System

The BioClean Water Care System simplifies the process for properly maintaining a glass washer. The self-sanitizing technology reduces process-damaging bacteria and organic growth without the use of harsh disinfectants.

Why is proper maintenance important?

To obtain optimal cleaning results, it is essential to properly maintain and sanitize the washer on a regular basis. Process damaging bacteria and organic growth can develop in the water and on surface areas, causing potentially detrimental effects on the final product.

What does the BioClean Water Care System do?

The BioClean Water Care System revolutionizes the maintenance process. The water in each tank is circulated through an ion generation process. Positively charged copper and silver ions are introduced into the water to react with and neutralize bacteria and organic growth. The process eliminates the need to handle and store harsh disinfectants. The water is then re-circulated throughout the machine, aiding the bacteria removal process on all surfaces and components that the water may contact.

How does this benefit you?

The BioClean Water Care System significantly reduces manual maintenance requirements, minimizing both time and costs. In addition, as the treated water circulates through the machine, hard to reach areas and components can be reached by the residual ions, providing further cleaning without the use of harsh disinfectants.

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