Detergent Dosing System

An automated detergent dosing system that administers and maintains a proper concentration of detergent in the wash section of the glass washer to ensure the highest quality glass product, prepared for downstream processing.

Benefits of Using Detergent

Clean glass is essential for producing a high quality glass product that looks and functions properly. Many times a product that is flawed or fails safety tests can often be traced back to poorly cleaned glass. Although hot water is a universal solvent, it lacks properties that are conducive to producing consistently clean glass. Best use practices for detergent are often neglected and result in improper concentration levels and inconsistent application which leads to less than optimal, and sometimes detrimental results.

Benefits of Billco’s Detergent

1. Effectively breaks the bond between contamination and glass surfaces.
2. Protects the surface of sensitive glass better than water.
3. Easily rinses from the glass surface, leaving no trace of residue.
4. Formulated specifically for use in industrial glass washing machines.
5. Ultra-concentrated formula is cost effective.
6. Formulated with decades of process development.

Benefits of the Billco Detergent Dosing System

Manually maintaining a consistent and proper ratio of glass washing detergent can be complicated and time-consuming. Concentration levels are constantly fluctuating with ever changing variables such as carryover and/or drag out. The Billco Detergent Dosing System employs intelligent logic and monitoring to properly administer and maintain the optimal detergent concentration. The result is residue-free, optimally clean glass.

Key Advantages

Maintains Optimal Concentration Levels
Improved Process Control
Washer Manufacturer Independent
Simple Operation and Configuration
Flexible Mode Options
Compact Unit
Simple Operation with HMI Touch Screen
Seamless Integration and Connectivity
4 Modes of Operation


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