Glass Cutting Consumables

Billco's Glass Cutting Consumables are essential for your Glass Cutting machine. We offer a variety of products ready to ship so you experience minimal downtime. Our Replacement Parts Department can help you determine the exact parts you need for your Billco Glass Cutter. Many of our parts are universal and can fit any Glass Cutter to help save you time and money.


Universal Parts are Available for Any Glass Cutter

Ready to Ship from Our Facility in Pennsylvania

US-Based Customer Support

Glass Cutting Wheels and Wheel Holders

Billco has a wide selection of precision cutting wheels that provide a solution for every glass-cutting requirement.

  • Uniquely Engineered
  • Multiple Surface Grinds Available
  • Wheel Selection: 5/32″ and 7/32″

If you are looking to purchase cutting wheel axles we recommend a quantity of 100 and for cutting wheels a quantity of 50.

Glass Cutting Wheel Axles

Precision carbide axles are designed to ensure smooth, accurate rotation of the cutting wheel.