Glass Washing Detergent

Billco's Glass Washing Detergent is specially formulated to break down compounds common in glass fabricating with ease while protecting delicate glass and coatings.

Importance of Using Glass Washing Detergent

Surfactants in detergent lower the surface tension of the water to allow better penetration.

Detergents break down the mechanical and chemical bonds of dirt better than water.

Detergents lubricate brush bristles to prevent scratching.

Key Advantages

Process Specific Formula:  Developed specifically for industrial glass washing with decades of process development

Effectively Removes Contaminants:  Removes cutting oil and packaging materials completely

Coated Glass Compatible:  Safe to use on coated glass

Gentle Formula:  Safe for continual contact with glass, metal, rubber and nylon components of the Glass Washer

Ultra-Concentrated:  Delivers exceptional results and value

Environmentally Friendly:  Contains no phosphates or nitrates which can harm the environment.

Biodegradeable Formula:  Breaks down naturally, eliminating suds or foaming in lakes or streams once disposed of

Rinses Easily from Glass Surface