Heat Press

Billco's Heat Press is designed to rapidly and precisely heat and press any IG Unit sealing system that requires heat and/or compression for sealing.

Processing Capabilities

  • Equipment Type: IG Unit Press
  • Conveyor Width(s): 60”, 84”, 96”
  • Minimum Glass Size: 9”–12” square
  • Automation Level: Full

Key Advantages

  • Runs Flexible Spacer and Intercept
  • Patented Heating Technology: Efficiently minimizes power requirements
  • Maintenance Friendly Design: Minimizes routine maintenance time
  • Industrial Duty: Built to work and built to last
  • Precision Press Control: Consistent and reliable control over IG Unit production
  • Improved Substrate Bonding: Lengthens life expectancy of IG Unit

Outstanding Features

  • Intelligent Ventilation System: Reduces operating costs and extends component life
  • High Temperature Roll Bearings
  • Specially Designed Stainless Steel Rollers
  • Easy to Operate and Maintain

Advantages of Billco’s Patented Heating Technology

  • Less negative glass deflection when the units are sealed immediately after compression
  • Drastically reduced “cool down” time prior to achieving optimum gas fill levels
  • More precise dimensional control of IG Unit
  • Ensures proper sealant “wet-out” and bonding to glass surfaces

Supporting Equipment

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