Billco’s M-Series is an advanced glass cutting system designed for the high speed, high volume demands of the automotive industry. Powered by linear motor technology, the M-Series can achieve the highest combination of precision, productivity, repeatability and longevity available.

Processing Capabilities

  • Maximum Glass Size: 30” x 50”, 84” x 60”
  • Glass Thickness Range: 1.5–6mm
  • Bridge and Head Drive: Linear Motor
  • Volume: High

Key Advantages

  • High Speed Processing: Delivers impressive cycle times for high volume fabricators
  • Superior Cutting Precision: Linear motors maintain exceptional levels of precision while operating at high velocity
  • Repeatability: Maintains superior cutting precision cycle after cycle
  • Low Maintenance Drive System: Minimizes downtime and extends component life
  • Integrates seamlessly with Billco and Third Party Loading Systems

Outstanding Features

  • Continuous Self Cleaning Conveyor Belt
  • Z-95 Cutting Head: Provides accurate cutting head pressure control and servo controlled height adjustment to improve cutting cycle time, and reduce operator intervention
  • Unlimited Contour Cutting Capabilities
  • Maintenance Free AC Digital Motors
  • True CNC Control System
  • Cycle Time Simulation and Production Analysis: Consult with your Billco Solutions rep for a custom analysis

Supporting Equipment

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