Space Saver Storage System

The Space Saver Storage System is a multi-rack storage system designed to optimize glass storage capacity. The racks are mounted on a rail system that expands and compresses in order to facilitate the retrieval of different glass types.

Processing Capabilities

  • Maximum Glass Size: 108” x 144”
  • Glass Thickness Range: 2.2mm–19mm
  • Level of Automation: Fully
  • Glass Racks Included: 25–32 (Custom Configurations Available)

Key Advantages

  • Increases Storage Space 30% Over Standard Rack Systems
  • Customizable Layout: Tailored for individual plant requirements
  • Integrates Seamlessly with Billco or Third Party Loading Systems
  • Heavy Duty Components: Ensure continuous trouble-free operation
  • Fully Automated: Easily interfaces with the Cutting Line Control System and Optimization Software
  • Extended Shelves: Accommodate multi-pack storage

Supporting Equipment

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