Washing Upgrades

If your processing requirements have changed or you simply need a little extra out of your machine, check out some of our common upgrades to keep your Billco washer performing at its best. Please consult with your Solution Specialist to advise the best options for your operation.

Detergent Dosing System

The Detergent Dosing System administers and maintains a predefined detergent ratio in the wash tank, providing the operator with a more accurate and consistent cleaning process throughout a production shift. The system can be integrated with existing equipment or purchased as a stand-alone system. Learn more HERE.

BioClean Water Care System

Simplify your washer maintenance with the BioClean. This system kills bacteria build up in the washer without the use of harsh chemicals, nearly eliminating the need to pressure wash your equipment as part of a regular maintenance routine. The system can be integrated into existing equipment or purchased as a stand alone system to be used on multiple washers. Learn more HERE.

Sound Reduction Packages

Billco offers sound baffling packages to reduce the overall noise level (sound pressure level) of the washer to your desired dBA level.

On-Screen Maintenance Messaging

Upgrade your HMI touch screen to include recommended service intervals, procedures and part numbers for convenient replacement part identification

Water Conservation and Filtration Packages

To conserve water and ensure high quality water is continuously applied to the glass, we can split your rinse and add filtration to your existing washer.

Automatic Water Level Controls

Precisely control water level and protect your pump and/or heater by upgrading to a Guide Wave Radar to replace your ball float.

Water Conductivity Monitoring

Conductivity measurements for water quality can be monitored automatically and alert an operator if the level drops below your pre-defined threshold.

Static Elimination System

If static electricity is a factor, adding a Static Bar Kit will ionize and remove build-up of static electricity which may be created as glass or substrate passes through your machine.

Low E Detection System

Operators can be alerted with audible and visual alerts if the conductive coated side of glass has been placed incorrectly on the entry conveyor (coating side down).

Thickness Adjustment Cams

If your glass thickness requirements have changed, you can add a Thickness Adjustment Cams for the flexibility to adjust your machine for glass 6mm – 19mm.