Below you will find answers to our frequently asked questions about Billco, our equipment, and our services. Checklists are also provided so the correct steps are being taken when installing your equipment.

Billco is committed to the efficient installation of your equipment. Our team will work diligently to complete the work in a timely manner. Your assistance and cooperation is imperative to make this happen. Please reference the following Customer Responsibility Checklists prior to your scheduled installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the questions frequently asked about Billco and our equipment. If you have any additional questions, contact Billco at 724-452-7390.

  • How long has Billco been in business?

    Billco has been building equipment for the glass industry since 1948.

  • Does Billco design and manufacturer the equipment, or do they sell foreign machines?

    We are the designers and builders of most of our equipment which is manufactured right here in Zelienople, PA. 

  • Does Billco have machines built and ready to ship?

    Our goal is to design custom-built equipment for our customers. When working with Billco, we strive to manufacture a machine that meets all of your requirements.

  • Who installs/repairs the equipment?

    Our factory trained technicians perform installations and make repairs.

  • How long has Billco been designing and manufacturing cutting tables?

    Billco invented NC cutting in 1972 and has been designing and improving our glass cutting equipment since.

  • How long will my equipment last?

    With some regular maintenance, your machine should perform for decades. 25 years or more is not uncommon.

  • What equipment is Billco best known for?

    Cutting systems, laminating lines, IG lines & glass washers make up the bulk of our equipment sales. Contact your Solution Specialist for details on all of our equipment.

  • Does Billco have a program to trade in used equipment?

    Customers can trade in used Billco equipment for new equipment or may purchase used equipment outright depending the age and condition of the used equipment.

  • Does Billco offer software packages?

    Billco has a sister company called HP3 Software whom supplies cutting, tempering and laminating software.