Billco proactively addresses the changing needs of the glass industry through on-going education, Industry analysis, and hands-on innovation that is why Billco has created a library of articles to help inform our customers.


Glass Washing

  • Understanding and Maintaining a Glass Washer

    There are many variables that affect glass cleaning such as water quality, maintenance, glass types, plant environment, and upstream processes.

  • A History of Flat Glass Washing

    Flat Glass Washing Equipment is defined in this discussion as meaning a horizontal roller, conveyor-type machine, with several pairs of top and bottom cylinder-type brushes mounted between the rollers.

  • 5 Ways to Tell If Glass is Clean

    Many processes in glass fabricating start with glass washing and it is critical that the washer is performing optimally in order to insure proper adhesion strength of spacers, laminate, coatings etc downstream

  • 7 Steps to Verify Your Brush Height is Correct

    In order for the brushes in your glass washer to be the most effective, they have to be operated at the proper height. For the best results, we recommend that only the tips of the bristles should have contact with the glass.

  • Interpreting Marks Found on Glass After Washing

    If there are marks on the glass, one must carefully examine the marks for clues as to what actually caused them. Determining the exact location of the mark helps to speed-up the process of eliminating the marks.

Glass Cutting

  • 13 Ways to Minimize Glass Cutting Rejects

    If you are experiencing excessive rejects during breakout from premature or improper breaks, we suggest checking the following.

  • A History of Flat Glass Cutting

    As one recalls the progression of flat glass cutting from the early 1900’s to today, there have not been very many major iterations of equipment designs to get where we are today.


Glass Laminating

  • Tips for Trimming the PVB Interlayer

    To maximize your laminating line production and protect the emitters, proper PVB trimming techniques should be used.