More Uptime,
More Innovation,
More Support

Billco provides the backbone for flat glass production lines-large and small-with high quality American-made equipment and 24-7-365 never-fail relationships. Our stability and expertise is proven with high customer satisfaction ratings, uptime statistics, impressive ROI reports, and a multi-million dollar inventory of ready-to-ship replacement parts.

100+ New Installations

on average per year

Remote Troubleshooting

access for minimized downtime

165 Years

combined experience on the Billco Service Technicians Team

Solution Specialists

Our team of Solution Specialists, in collaboration with our Engineers and Service Team, guide you through equipment customization, scalability planning, fabrication in our Pennsylvania plant, and final delivery logistics. They will:

  • Ensure you receive premium, personalized products that suit your business and goals
  • Answer all of your technical and applications questions for the architectural, automotive, photovoltaic, and specialty sectors
  • Continue to offer post-sale support and alert you to new updates and innovations, like our new Automatic Detergent Dosing System, that could benefit your bottom line

24-7-365 Technical Support

Beyond the initial installation of your equipment, our Service Team remains available to you 24-7-365 to keep your line running with virtually no unplanned downtime. Each with an average of 20 years experience, our technicians can:

  • Provide preventive maintenance, trouble-shooting, and emergency response
  • Train your team and guide you on efficiency-tracking practices
  • Collaborate with our 24-7-365 partner software provider HP3 on your behalf

Replacement Parts Team

To keep your machinery in its best condition and running most efficiently, the Billco Replacement Parts Team manages a multi-million dollar inventory of ready-to-ship items and coordinates the fulfillment of thousands of parts over and above that supply. Learn more about best best practices for stocking and ordering replacement parts.

Team up with our Replacement Parts department for:

  • OEM Direct Components:¬†¬†Maintain the integrity of your investment with 100% factory direct replacement parts.
  • Expert Support: Let our experts diagnose and refer the parts you need to get your machine running optimally
  • Quick Turnaround: We know time is money. We will do everything we can to make sure any downtime is minimized.
  • Consumable Parts to Complete Rebuilds: There is no request too small or too large that we are not equipped to handle.