Recent Upgrades to the Vertical Washer Series

The engineers at Billco have been working hard to listen to our customers to create the best version of the vertical washer series to date. Some of the recent updates include:

  • Highly Engineered Framework – New design permits the frame to house wires cables and water lines. The heated water tanks are also now a part of the framework design.
  • Simple Access Walkway – On top of the tanks there is now a walkway to be able to access the backside of the machine with easier access than in previous designs.
  • Washdown Duty Motors – Upgraded to keep components safe from water or steam contamination.
  • Self Adjusting Rolls and Brushes – Easily accommodates glass of varying thicknesses at the same time for faster and more flexible production with less maintenance required.
  • Simplified Drive System – By using a helical drive system the glass is driven by two touchpoints instead of one.  The glass is driven at the bottom and the face of the glass.  This feature is especially useful for smaller lites that could move and break in the drying process.
  • Twin Stacked Doors – Dual walled twin doors to reduce noise, and for retaining heat inside of the washer.
  • Improved Motor & Gear Box Location – Components have been relocated to avoid steam contamination that could damage and shorten the duty cycle.
  • Universal Sound Enclosure
  • Improved Steam Control


Back Of Vertical Washer

vertical washer updates