310 Series Flat Glass Washer

Industrial duty, high performance glass cleaning system designed for operating ease and consistent high quality results.

Processing Capabilities

Maximum Glass Size:
  • 60"

Minimum Glass Size: 7 3/4"

Glass Thickness Range: 1.5–19mm

Standard Operating Speed: 10–30 FPM

Volume: Mid to High

Technical Specifications

Working Height: 36"

Lift System: Four Corner Lift System

Orientation: Horizontal

Key Advantages

Industrial Duty: Designed to operate 24 | 7 | 365

Durable Components: Stainless steel and polymer components throughout for superior corrosion resistance

Energy Saving Design with Near Zero Water Consumption: Improves return-on-investment

Maintenance Friendly Design: Reduces overall operating costs

Overall Reduced Part Count: Fewer recommended spare parts

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Outstanding Features

Helical Gear Conveyor drive system

Internal Pre-Spray

Quick Change Bearing Housing

Four Corner Lift System

Common Optional Features

  • Additional Filtration
  • Low-E Detection System
  • Spray Lines Flow Monitoring
  • Conductivity Monitoring
  • Static Elimination System
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Automatic Water Level Control