Data Acquisition & Water Quality Monitoring System

Designed to offer an independent solution to process monitoring of any glass washer, no matter the year/model/manufacturer.

Key Advantages

The independent system logs various values of the glass washer with corresponding sensors

Sensor channel logging is recorded with time and date stamp information which allows plotting capability and trending using a modern web browser

Data is stored locally on the recording device and can be uploaded using FTP or as a text file from a web browser

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Outstanding Features

Warning and alarms can be established to alert maintenance and engineering when limits are exceeded, locally at the washer, or via e-mail or SMS text

Process snapshot of the washer can be viewed on standard dashboards through any web browser, anywhere in the world with an internet connection

The compact system and its components has a protection code of IP65

Built-in web server to log data and have the ability to view information with an Ethernet connection

Monitoring Capabilities

Analog Sensors



Environmental Conditions


Ambient Temperature

Atmospheric Pressure

Blower Pressure

Digital Sensors

Incoming Plant Water

Incoming DI Water

Valve Status

Glass Sensors for Process Times