Lami-Pro Glass Laminating Line

Billco's Lami-Pro is a customizable laminating assembly line built for producing high quality laminated glass. The line is designed to clean glass, assemble, laminate, heat, and pre-press the unit prior to autoclaving. Billco has been a leading supplier of laminating equipment since the 1970's, with assembly line in operation today from their original installation date of 40 years ago.

Processing Capabilities

Conveyor Width(s): 60", 84", 96", 108"

Max Laminate Thickness: 3"

Glass Thickness Range: 2.2–19mm

Processing Speed: 5–26 FPM

Key Advantages

Modular Design: Allows for custom line configurations and drop in replacement options

Precision Recipe Line Control: Simplifies operation and maintains complete control of all aspects of the line

IR Heating Technology and Convection: Precise temperature control for a consistent, high quality laminate

Minimal Energy Consumption: Lowers production costs

Turnkey Solutions Available: Billco can furnish all supporting equipment such as PVB cutter, clean room and autoclave

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Lami-Pro Components

  • Load/Offload Systems
  • Glass Washers
  • Assembly and Trim Conveyors
  • Laminating Ovens
  • NIP Roll Press
  • Control System