Remnant Glass Storage Solution

Billco's Remnant Storage Solution automatically identifies, stores, and reclaims remnants providing maximum cutting efficiencies and optimal yields, while minimizing unnecessary handling.

Processing Capabilities

Cutting Table(s) Size: 108" x 144"

Glass Thickness Range: 2.2–19mm

Maximum Remnant Size: 108" x 144"

Standard Rack Slots: 24 per rack

Glass Lite Capacity Per Slot: Up to 3 pieces per slot

Optional Slots: Unlimited

Volume: High

Key Advantages

Competitive Return On Investment: Saving and reclaiming remnant improves you bottom line directly

Optimizes Glass Flow: Minimizes idle time through powerful optimization software

Prioritizes Operator Safety: Reduces glass handling, keeping operators at a safe distance

Expandable Design: Modular, flexible design can accommodate growing production needs

Multi-Slot Storage Capacity: Stores up to 3 lites of glass per slot, maximizing capacity

Seamless Automated Remnant Reclamation: Removes operator handling and opportunity for error

Tracks Coated Glass Aging Effectively: Reduces costly and unnecessary labor dealing with oxidation

Eliminates Commonly Neglected Offal Storage Carts

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Remnant Storage Components

  • Loading Options
  • Bi-Directional and Reclamation Tilt
  • Storage Rack and Tilt
  • Vertical Transfer with Tilt Load