Billco’s Lami-Pro is a customizable laminating assembly line built for producing high quality laminated glass. The line is designed to clean glass, assemble, laminate, heat, and pre-press the unit prior to autoclaving.

Processing Capabilities

  • Conveyor Width(s): 60,” 84,” 96,” 108”
  • Glass Thickness Range: 2.2–19mm
  • Processing Speed: 5–26 FPM
  • Max Laminate Thickness:  3”

Key Advantages

  • Modular Design: Allows for custom line configurations and drop in replacement options
  • Precision Recipe Line Control: Simplifies operation and maintains complete control of all aspects of the line
  • IR Heating Technology and Convection: Precise temperature control for a consistent, high quality laminate
  • Minimal Energy Consumption: Lowers production costs
  • Turnkey Solutions Available: Billco can furnish all supporting equipment such as PVB cutter, clean room and autoclave


Load/Offload Systems

Several conveyor designs are available to better assist each customer’s unique needs. Options include, 
but are not limited to, caster tables, float tables, conveyors, and unstackers. Specialized equipment is available for loading or offloading large lites

Glass Washers

High quality laminated glass begins with glass washing. 
Billco’s industrial duty glass washers are the cornerstone of the Lami-Pro, offering reliable cleaning with flexible processing options.

Assembly & Trim Conveyors

After glass is cleaned and free of contaminates,the glass moves into a staging and assembly area. The laminate unit is assembled and trimmed in preparation for heating and pressing.

Laminating Ovens

The Pre-Heat and Main Ovens are designed with many innovative heating and energy saving technologies to provide the highest quality laminate.

Nip Roll Press

Directly following the heating process, the laminate unit is conveyed through a set of Nip Roll Presses to uniformly press the unit.

Control System

Every line function from start to finish can be controlled from one intelligent control system. Real-time information, regarding glass positions, oven temperatures, nip roll pressures and more, is available to the operator at the touch screen HMI. Recipe management can also be accessed and maintained at the HMI. Once a recipe is selected, all major functions automatically adjust. User-friendly help screens ensure ease of operation and troubleshooting.

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