100 Series Small Glass Washer

Billco's 100 Series washer is a durable glass washing system designed for specialty glass fabricators processing small glass.

Processing Capabilities

Minimum Glass Size: 1" x 2 1/2" short edge leading

Glass Thickness Range: 1.5–6mm

Standard Operating Speed: 5–10 FPM

Volume: Low to Mid

Technical Specifications

Working Height: 36"

Orientation: Horizontal

Key Advantages

Small Part Processing Capability: Capable of processing glass as small as 1" x 2 1/2" and 1.5mm thick

Durable Construction: Built for durability with high quality, long lasting components

Low Maintenance Design: Minimizes downtime

Consistent Results: Repeatable, reliable washing and drying

Water Quality Management: Options available to customize for specific processing needs

Compact Footprint: Saves floor space

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Outstanding Features

Automatic Water Saver

Expertly Engineered Wash and Rinse Zones

High Pressure Drying Zone

Easy to Operate Touchscreen Interface

Manual Thickness Adjustment

Common Optional Features

  • Static Elimination System
  • Low-E Detection System
  • Overhead Drain Pumping System

Supporting Equipment