Auto Harp Rack Handling

Automatically transfers a train of harp racks from one process to another on the production floor using Billco's new Automated Harp Rack Handling with Seegrid's Vision Guidance Technology. The self driving vehicles give fabricators an automated and safe way to reliably handle glass with ease and keep production moving seamlessly.

Key Advantages

Improve Operational Efficiency: Safely, reliably and predictably transports glass from one process to the next.

Prioritizes Personnel Safety: Tuggers stop immediately for any obstructions in their path.

Flexible Route Training: Routes can be created in-house with production running and easily re-configured by driving the route once manually.

Vision Guided: Tuggers expertly navigate surroundings using 3D vision. They are not dependent on any reflectors or fixed guide.

Reduces Labor Costs: Utilize your labor resources more efficiently to focus on value-added activities.

Easily Integrated: With the Billco Automated Glass Processing Line

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