Z-Series Flat Glass Washer

High performance glass cleaning system focused on the bottom line with intelligent maintenance features and high level process control. The Z-Series is engineered to sustain an optimum level of cleaning over years of continuous use, with easy access to internal components for cleaning and maintenance for minimum downtime.

Processing Capabilities

Maximum Glass Size:
  • 70"
  • 96"
  • 110"
  • 132"

Minimum Glass Size: 10" x 12"

Glass Thickness Range: 1.5–19mm

Standard Operating Speed: 10–36 FPM

Volume: Mid to High

Technical Specifications

Working Height: 35"–38"

Lift System: Four Corner Lift System

Orientation: Horizontal

Key Advantages

Intelligent Maintenance Feedback: On-screen messaging for real time response

Flexible Design: Ideal for full range of applications for standard IG and Laminating to critically clean Coating applications

Superior, Automated Process Control: Delivers consistent high quality results

Maintenance Friendly Design: Reduces overall operating costs

Durable Components: Stainless steel and polymer components throughout for superior corrosion resistance

Overall Reduced Part Count: Fewer recommended spare parts

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Outstanding Features

Helical Gear Conveyor Drive System

Interchangeable Upper and Lower Rolls and Brushes

Four Recirculated Cleaning Zones

Quick Change Bearing Blocks

Automatic Water Level Control

Hinged Guarding with Viewing Windows

Roll Out Tank Cart

Integrated, Directed Self Cleaning Trays for Simple Debris Removal

Top Lift System Provides Electronic Glass Thickness Adjustment

Common Optional Features

  • Low-E Detection System
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Filtration Packages
  • pH Monitoring
  • Integrated BioClean System
  • Static Elimination System
  • Spray Lines Flow Monitoring
  • Smaller Min Part Size Available
  • Overhead Drain Pumping System
  • Conductivity Monitoring

Options available to adapt to any customer process requirements.