Introducing Billco Tempering Systems

When it comes to tempering, you need a company who can provide you with the technology, machinery and expertise to make your glass stand out from the competition. That is why BTS is here for you. We offer multiple Tempering Furnace Models that can be custom-built. Our furnaces are built to run nonstop and to deliver the highest-grade glass. If customer support is needed, the BTS Furnaces are backed with round-the-clock US-based customer support so you will have virtually no unplanned downtime. We are determined to provide you with the best customer experience possible and are firmly committed to ensuring your team’s successful operation of the BTS tempering oven.

Every industry is different. That is why BTS offers several models of tempering ovens. The BTSC Tempering Furnace is a horizontal forced convection glass furnace. The system utilizes independent top/bottom nozzle quench control. The BTSB is a horizontal forced convection flat and bend reversible glass furnace. The motor control system guarantees a perfect curvature of the glass by using bend quenching rollers. We also offer the BTSR Furnace. This furnace heats the glass by combining radiation, conduction and top only convection. Each of these models can be custom built to fulfill all of your tempering requirements.