Auto Harp Rack Handling

Automatically transfer a train of harp racks from one process to another on the production floor using Billco’s new Automated Harp Rack Handling with Seegrid’s Vision-Guidance Technology. The self driving vehicles give fabricators an automated and safe way to reliably handle glass with ease and keep production moving seamlessly.

Improve Operational Efficiency: Safely, reliably and predictably transports glass from one process to the next
Prioritizes Personnel Safety: Tuggers stop immediately for any obstructions in their path
Flexible Route Training: Routes can be created in-house with
production running and easily re-configured by driving the route once manually
Vision Guided: Tuggers expertly navigate surroundings using 3D vision. They are not dependent on any reflectors or fixed guide.
Reduces Labor Costs: Utilize your labor resources more efficiently to focus on value-added activities

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