Ultra Series

The Ultra Series is designed for the high-speed, high-volume glass cutting requirements of large glass fabricators and window and door manufacturers.

Processing Capabilities

  • Maximum Glass Size: 72” x 96”, 108” x 144”, 130″ x 204″
  • Glass Thickness Range: 2.2–19mm
  • Bridge and Head Drive: Linear Motor
  • Volume: High

Key Advantages

  • High Speed Processing: Meets the volume demands of large fabricators
  • Superior Cutting Precision: Patented MagnaDrive system maintains exceptional levels of precision
  • Operator Friendly Interface: Simplified control system for trouble free operation
  • Low Maintenance Drive System: Means longer machine life and less maintenance
  • Integrates seamlessly with Billco and Third Party Loading Systems

Outstanding Features

  • Z-95 Cutting Head: Provides accurate cutting head pressure control and servo controlled height adjustment to improve cutting
  • Unlimited Contour Cutting Capabilities
  • Maintenance Free AC Digital Motors
  • True CNC Control System

Supporting Equipment


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